Myron Cope's Terrible Towel

The Legacy of the  'Terrible Towel' ...

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Myron Cope's 'Terrible Towel' dates back to 1975 - making its debut just in time for the playoffs. The Steelers went on to win the Super Bowl that year and the Terrible Towel would be forever etched as a Steeler Nation tradition.

During the 2005 Steelers season alone, over 1 million 'Terrible Towels’ were sold as the Steelers went on to win Super Bowl XL.

True to Myron Cope’s generous nature, in 1996, he signed over 'all rights' of ownership to the Terrible Towel, including monetary rights, which meant Myron never again received any money for Terrible Towel sales. All profits have since then gone to a Pittsburgh area school that cares for people with mental retardation and physical disabilities.

Myron's gift of 'Terrible Towel ownership' has continually provided the Pittsburgh area school with literally millions of dollars in sales profits, which helps to provide a better life for each and every care patient -- just as Myon had always wished it would.

The Terrible Towel is so loved by loyal Steelers fans across the nation, it has been proudly waved atop Mt. Everest (the highest point on earth) and was even shown on TV while displayed aboard the International Space Station, just hours before the AFC Championship Game in 2008. (The Steelers won!)

DON'T 'DIS the TOWEL... There are numerous stories at the link below. One of the is: After a 13-10 Ravens win in Pittsburgh on November 18, 2012 Ray Rice walked off the field waving a Terrible Towel over his head and singing Steelers rally song "Renegade" with teammates.[51] Rice publicly stated after the game that no disrespect was intended.[52] Two weeks later on December 2, the Ravens lost to the Steelers 23-20 despite being at home and facing Pittsburgh's third-string quarterback, Charlie Batch.

‘Myron Cope’s - Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel’ is now available in many styles and colors. They're all great looking and are all widely accepted and respected by Steeler Nation.

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