Steelers Limericks (Volume 1) from SteelerMania

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Steelers Limericks (Volume 1) from SteelerMania
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The people at SteelerMania are quite excited to provide the top selling Steelers Limericks  (Volume 1).

The Steelers bring you this popular Steelers fan item from CreateSpace, who is a name that is synonymous with 'quality' .

Steelers Limericks 2012 (Volume 1) is ready for shipping and is a bargain price NFL product.


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Manufacturer Description

Steelers Limericks consists of a selection of more than 100 Child Safe limerick verses about the Pittsburgh Steelers players, coaches, conduite, as properly as, renowned Steelers players.

Some of these verses will have you laughing, while other folks will cause you to groan and some might even force tears to your eyes.

Each and is a short story that we hope you will find very entertaining.

Product Features

Volume 1

Child Safe Lyrics