Pittsburgh Steelers Crystal Freezer Mug at SteelerMania

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Pittsburgh Steelers Crystal Freezer Mug at SteelerMania
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We are proud to stock this awesome avid fan gear from 'DuckHouse', who is a name you can trust.

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Manufacturer Description

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The most recent, greatest, and coldest! This good-looking 16-ounce mug integrates state-of-the-art refreezability with color coordinated manage and base, and features your favorite group colors and graphics. It gets rid of the requirement for ice as the crystal innovation keeps beverages cold for hours, without the thinned down effect of ice. To use, position the mug in your freezer for one hour or more, enabling the frozen crystals to turn a frosty white color. This product is filled with non hazardous, refreezable crystals.

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Product Features

Place in freezer one hour or more prior to use, when frozen crystals will turn a frosty white color 16-Ounce mug combines state of the art refreezability with team colors and graphics Filled with non toxic, refreezable crystals Eliminates the need for ice as the technology keeps drinks "crushed ice" cold for hours without the watered down affect of ice Not recommended for Dishwasher or Microwave