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Pittsburgh Speech and Pittsburghese (Dialects of English) from SteelerMania

Pittsburgh Speech and Pittsburghese (Dialects of English) from SteelerMania
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Manufacturer Description

The Dialects of English series provides concise, accessible, reliable and up-to-date paperwork for varieties of English, consisting of English-based pidgins and creoles, from all over the English-speaking world. Composed by specialists who have actually conducted first-hand research study, the volumes are the most apparent starting point for readers who want to know more about a specific local, metropolitan or ethnic range. The volumes follow a common structure, covering the context in which one clearly defined range of English (or a number of carefully related varieties) has been established in addition to their phonetics and phonology, morphosyntax, lexis and social history. Each volume concludes with an annotated bibliography and some sample texts.