Nebbie Debbie Talkin' Townies Pittsburghese Doll at SteelerMania

Nebbie Debbie Talkin' Townies Pittsburghese Doll at SteelerMania

Our 'Nebbie Debbie Talkin' Townies Pittsburghese Doll' is a fan favorite here and ready to ship to your doorstep.

We are able to offer this well respected avid fan gear from 'Colloquial Enterprises, LLC', who is a well known NFL approved company that Steeler Nation has come to know and trust.

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Manufacturer Description

The best product for those that like Pittsburgh and appreciate the distinct phrases of the Steel City. Debbie is the other doll to go along with Chipped Ham Sam from Pittsburgh.

Listen to the phrases at

Product Features

11 Hilarious Sayings by simply squeezing Debbie. Listen to the sayings at "Get ahta tahn!", "Your apost ta put a gumband ahrand it.","Jeet jet?" "I ain't payin no hundred dowars fur dat!", "How baht yinz red up dem rooms before cumpanee comes over." "Yinz better settle dahn!", "Sgoinon?", "You ain't gonna belivis, I just saw whatshisname with whatsherface!" "Chat when yinz go ahtside it's cold aht der today!", "I haff to go to da baffroom.", "Yin ain't apost to be aht, yinz are grahnded!"