Metal Magnet Pittsburghese from SteelerMania

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Metal Magnet Pittsburghese from SteelerMania
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Our 'Metal Magnet Pittsburghese' is a fan favorite once again and available to our customers.

The guys at SteelerMania are able to offer this popular Steeler fan item from 'PrivateLabel', who is an official Pittsburgh Steelers NFL licensed company are able to trust.

At the SteelerMania, we prefer our customers to take a look at our 'Reviews' of this product to see if our other customers were content with 'Metal Magnet Pittsburghese'. We're sure that you too think that a knowledgeable customer is a regular customer.

As a means for SteelerMania to ensure our shopper's online protection, we're authorizing Amazon to handle payment and for shipping address information of the 'Metal Magnet Pittsburghese'.

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